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The Mission of Historic Camp Bowie, Inc.

To create a pedestrian friendly commercial corridor that encourages people to shop in a safe and comfortable environment and to have an interesting urban experience.

Historic Camp Bowie, Inc. (HCBI) is a private sector, not-for-profit organization that assists Camp Bowie in continued economic vitality and redevelopment. Property owners established a "Public Improvement District" in October 2000 to assist in paying for infrastructure improvements.

The District runs from University to S.H. 820 and includes 7th street to Montgomery. Because the district is nine miles long and has different sections that have specific challenges and assets, the district was split into three zones.

Zone One:  University to I-30 - Cultural
Zone Two:  I-30 to Alta Mere - Ridglea
Zone Three:   Alta Mere to SH 820 - Camp Bowie West


Coordinated marketing/promotion and special events: This effort is designed to retain and attract increased customer traffic to the entire Improvement District. Activities will include pooling and targeting marketing budgets; identifying, coordinating, and sponsoring special sales events and seasonal events that attract a critical mass of shoppers and new customers to the corridor. Preserve and market the history of the corridor.

Coordinated communication and information program: Develop systems to improve the formal and informal communication between businesses, adjoining neighborhoods, the City and others. Newsletters, electronic communications, key contact and mailing lists, clearing house hotlines and other programs will be implemented which will benefit all businesses. This greatly improved communication between all stakeholders will result in synergies, shared benefits and a greatly improved "sense of community." Full time staff serving as Camp Bowie's advocate.

Infrastructure improvements and beautification programs:
HCBI will work with the City, property owners and adjoining neighborhoods to identify an annual program of capital improvements. Public Improvement District funds will be to improve the Public Right of Way areas to include seasonal plantings at key gateways and image areas, sign and banners, repair and maintenance of brick streets and other elements unique to the Camp Bowie corridor.

Long Term Goals of Historic Camp Bowie, Inc.

  • Provide a convenient and efficient trolley system for shoppers along the Camp Bowie corridor
  • Tree-lined boulevard with planters
  • Bricked crosswalks at every intersection
  • Redevelopment of strip centers on Camp Bowie West
  • New lighting
  • Replace silver hwy lights with vintage lighting
  • Organize special events, e.g. veterans day parade, arts and crafts sidewalk show

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Brandy O'Quinn