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Banner Program

The Public Improvement District runs from University to SH 820. There are currently 63 poles that are in the program. (Approximately every third pole).

In accordance with the City of Fort Worth's city ordinance, the purpose of the temporary banners program shall be to permit non-profit organizations to provide timely information to the public on special events and exhibits held in Fort Worth which are of common interest to the general community which will enhance, bring positive recognition and contribute to the cultural fabric of the City of Fort Worth, specifically Camp Bowie Boulevard.

Banner Criteria:

a. Banners must be of the standard size of 30" by eight feet (30" by 8').
b. Banners must be constructed of such material and design to withstand projected wind load.
c. Logos/advertising may not exceed 5% of the total artwork. If the sponsor is a part of the name of the event, e.g., MasterCard Colonial, no additional logos or slogans will be permitted.
d. Banners to be installed no more that four (4) weeks prior to the event and removed within five (5) days after the event closes. Banners may not hang longer than two (2) months. The charge is for a four (4) week allotment, if more time is needed, there will be an additional charge.
e. The banner design must be approved by Historic Camp Bowie's banner committee before application will be approved. Once approved, it does not need approval again.

Historic Camp Bowie's agreement:

a. Handle all permits with the City
b. Carry all required insurance
c. Installation and removal of banners
d. Supply brackets
e. Identify any problems during rental period.


Four (4) week period $1700.00
Additional week $200.00
Additional Month $850.00

Banner Application Form (pdf) 


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